Saturday, January 1, 2011

Querkus in January - we're everywhere!

Hello my good fellows and a very very happy holiday season to you all!

So much news in Querkusland its hard to know where to begin.

‘Spaces between the Leaves’ surfaced on the UMFM chart in late November and is now enjoying the view from #9.   It’s also recently debuted at #30 on CKUW with high hopes of rising on that chart as well.  We were just at CKUW last Wednesday night for Shop Worn Angel (click to download the podcast).  We’re back again on Monday Jan 3 at 5pm for Peg City Groove.  It’s been distributed to most campus radio stations across Canada so please call in and request it wherever you are.

You may have noticed  the sweet review our song ‘Oceania’  recieved in “the steely stylus” music blog.  A wonderful comparision is drawn between my voice and  a penis made of snow. To celebrate, we’d like you to help yourself to a free download of Oceania.  Enjoy!
Also - is featuring our track Six Legs for free download on their website right now. Check it out!

So yes – shows out the wazoo.  That’s what our future is all about for the moment.
The CD release show is shaping up really nicely.  We’ve rented a wicked rehearsal space in the exchange and have been meeting there twice a week.  Regular consipators at these functions (aside from the k-dog and e-cat) have included Carlos Copaban the miracle drummer, Sameul Mulimbwa of Clearvox (and now of Querkus – he’s playing bass for us!), the enchanting Debbie Girard on vocals, Keith Dyck the rock n’ roll wizard on guitar, the incredibly groovy Mark Klassen (Cantor Dust) on keys, and the lovely Natanielle Felicitas on cello.  Joshua Stanton and Jagjeet Sroay came by last time to add some sitar and tabla action. We’ve also been working with out buddy Ken to develop some cued lighting concepts.  All in all – very exciting times.  Can’t wait to play for you.
Touring we’ll be stripped down to a slick and manageable 3-piece of Edgar, Carlos and myself.  Here’s an overview of a few of the tour dates:

Monday, October 18, 2010

CDs are Here (in my house!)

So the most exciting news that the band could have has come to us over the last week... our long-awaited CDs have arrived from the manufacturer. They came in on Wednesday October 13th and things haven't been the same around here since.
... with the whole thing!
I'm rather pleased.
If you are not as close to this project as I am, here's a brief history of the process -

1) 2001-2006 - the songs were written (they've been changed, tweaked and produced at every other step of the process).

2) October 2006 - Recorded drum track template.

3) November 2006 - Recorded Animata Strings

4) December 2006- Edited the drum template beat by beat until we had an outline of exactly what we wanted. Recorded scratch tracks for the whole album. Tried out a bunch of drummers to find the right sound.